AirCrack-NG 1.2 RC1

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Per quei pochi che ancora non lo conoscessero, Aircrack è un tool per riuscire ad recuperare le chiavi WEP e WPA-PSK dei nostri router wireless; a 7 mesi di sistanza dall’ultima beta, il team di Aircrack ha rilasciato la RC della versione 1.2 del famoso tool.

L’aggiornamento alla nuova versione è altamente consigliato, visti i numerosi bugfix che questa versione va a correggere; di seguito il changelog completo:

  • Airodump-ng should be able to parse the canonical oui file.
  • Airodump-ng: Fixed GPS stack overflow.
  • Airodump-ng: Fixed stopping cleanly with Ctrl-C.
  • Airmon-zc: better handling for when modules are not available (incomplete)
  • Airmon-zc: users can now start the monitor interface again to change channels
  • Airmon-zc: update to use ip instead of ifconfig if available.
  • Airmon-zc: better handling of devices without pci bus
  • Aireplay-ng: Fixed tcp_test stack overflow.
  • OSdep: Fixed libnl detection. Also avoid detection on non Linux systems.
  • OSdep: Fixed segmentation fault that happens with a malicious server.
  • Besside-ng: Add regular expression matching for the SSID.
  • Buddy-ng: Fixed segmentation fault.
  • Makefile: Fixed ‘commands commence before first target’ error when building Aircrack-ng.
  • Fixed segfault when changing the optimization when compiling with gcc thanks to Ramiro Polla.
  • Removed airdriver-ng (outdated and not meant for today’s kernels)
  • Added gitignore file.
  • Fixed build issues on other compilers by using stdint.h types.
  • Updating installation file and added pkg-config as a requirement.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

È possibile scaricare la nuova versione direttamente dal sito ufficiale.